Downtown Parish

The main Parish Church of the Assumption in the centre of Budapest is located on Marc 15th Square. This two-towered church holds the memories of nearly two thousand years.

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year is the biggest Holiday of the year for a quarter of the world’s population, and is celebrated not only in China but also in other countries like East Asia.

Hungarian Culture Day

Hungarian Culture’s Day has been celebrated since 1989, in memory of the manuscript in which Ferenc Kölcsey clarified the Anthem in 1823 in Szatmárcseken on this day.

Budapest Zoo

A place that can be fun for children and adults alike. A place where you can switch off your mind and enjoy the proximity of nature. 

Dog friendly Budapest

Budapest is evolving and we have more and more dog-friendly places in the city.  It is always hard to leave yourfavorite one at home but now we collected some places where you can take your dog no matter the size of it.

Hungarian Beigli recipe

Christmas is all about Beigli which is the Hungarians’ big favourite. It is a tradition to cook it for Christmas Eve. It can made with different tastings.

Christmas traditions

There are many traditions about Christmas and Hungary has some from the past that we still follow.

Christmas Dinner Menus all around the world

At Chrismas the menu always plays an important role when the whole family sit together and has a Christmas Dinner together.

Christmas foods in Hungary

In Hungary the fasting diet is combined with a varied menu. In the past meat was always pork at the festive table, beause pork is a forerunner, which, according to popular belief, it was an evolution.

Christmas tree's origin

The tradition of the Chrsitmas tree spread in the 16th century in the German-Roman Empire, when Christians began to plant ornamental pine trees in their home. Probably Martin Luther was the first who decorated a pine tree with candles.