Some new places in Budapest 1

Some places have been reconditioned and some places are totally new in the city. These are offering you fresh nectars, food variations, live music and others you can enjoy from the early afternoon.

Budapest' ruinbars

Budapest has many ruinpubs and the best thing about them that you can enjoy them during the hot summer while sitting outside absorbing the rays of the sun and during the colder-rainy weather while the rain is raining. 

Traditional Hungarian Costume

Traditional way of dressing in Hungary was the Hungarian Costume. Nowadays Hungarians do not wear these clothes in the everyday life, only the members of the folk dance ensemble wear them in performances

Hungarian Folk Art and Dance

The Hungarian Folk Dance in the Folk Art is one in the branch. It includes specific rhythmic movements with musical and singing accompaniment. It has an original cult rola, but it can be symbolic, entertraining&

Hungary’s wine region

Hungary nowadays keeps count of 22 wine regions. Bacause of the changing climate, wine regions are really different from each others.

Danube Palace

The 19th century Neo-Baroque Danube Palace still bears the unique civic elegance of the Reform era. It sta

Gala Concert

Original spectacle not just for Music Lovers

Rajkó Folk Ensemble and Orchestra

Reinventing culture in style The world-renowned Rajkó Folk Ensemble and Orchestra is more than just a music group; they represent a legacy and an original heritage. 

The Danube Folk Ensemble

Folk dancing is able to express a wide range of emotions, grapple with a universal sense of beauty and sometimes even transport you to a bygone era and a foreign land on the wings of your senses. 

Buda Vigadó

At the time of the Turkish occupation there was a building functioned as a store later as an armoury, built by the turks. These were extended houses, unassuming-looking and built in baroque style. 
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