The Little Princess

The Little PrincessThe copy of the original statue is placed next to the River Danube on the tram handrail. 

St Stephen's Basilica Building

Saint Stephen’s Basilica-Ego sum via, veritas at vita-

Hungarian street delights

Are you tired of the overpriced restaurants? Why don't you try something unique on a go? Check out the best street food of the Hungry Hungarians.

Chain Bridge

(Széchenyi) Chain BridgeIn 1820 István Széchenyi’s father died so he had to travel to Vienna for the funeral.

Váci street and The Vörösmarty square

Váci street is one of the main pedestrian thoroughfares and perhaps the most famous street of the central Budapest, Hungary 

Heroes square and it's outskirts

Have you ever heard about the Heroes Square?Heroes Square is one of the major squares in Budapest. The square lies at the outbond end of Andrássy Avenue next to the City Park. This is an UNESCO World

Dance and music

Hungary has a rich musical tradition. Hungary is one of the foremost folk music nations of the World.

The Dohány Street Synagogue

Open: Monday-Thursday 10am-5pm Friday 10am-3pm Sunday 10am-2pm The Synagogue is located at an angle to Károly körút, close to Deák square and Astoria. 

Buda Castle southern hill

The grassy roundabout on the Buda side is the so called Clark Adam’s square. 

Shoes next to the Danube

Have you noticed the shoes next to the river? Do you know why those shoes are there?
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