Baths and Spas in Budapest

In Budapest there are many spas, beaches you can choose from. Everybody needs some rest time when the only thing matters is which massage is the best choice. Let us show you some options below.

1. Dandár Spa
The spa was handed over in 1930 and then converted in 1936.It was opened in 1945 after the II World War as the Spa was less damaged than the others.
Its water composition: Sodium-containing calcium-magnesium hydrogen carbonate and sulphate-chloride thermal water, which also has a high fluoride ion content.

Dandár offers you medical treatments and wellnes services such as sauna, bath, underwater jet massages. Good for degenerative diseases of joints, chronic and acute arthritis, good herniated problems and for neuralgia. As we mentioned above massages are avaliable but you can choose from different types. Therapeutic, refreshing and foot massages are their offer. This bath is good for elder people or for those who have paramedic problem but the water can reduce the pain.  

Adress - 1095 Budapest, Dandár u. 5-7.

2. St. Luke's Spa
Water Composition
 : Sodium-containing calcium-magnesium hydrogen carbonate and sulphate-chloride thermal water, which also has a high fluoride ion content.
Medical treatments and wellnes services are available in the Spa. For these paramedic issues can be reduced by the Spa : Degenerative diseases of the joints, spine deformation, neuralgias, herniated problems, case of post-injury conditions, lack deficiecy states of the bone system and also chronic and semi-acute arthritis. You can enjoy the finnish sauna or the general weekday sauna, mudpacks, different massages, medical drinking cure or sparkling bath tube. 
Here you will find the only hot water mud bath in the capital. Besides the medicinal water and services of the place, it is also famous for being the favorite meeting place of the art world. The spa hall was built in 1937. In Budapest in 1979, the first complex of spa treatments (daytime hospital) was established in Lukács Bath. 

Adress - 1026 Budapest, Frankel Leó út 25-29.

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