Baths of Budapest

Would you like to know the best baths of Budapest.

Some of the Budapest’s historic baths:

Király bath: This bathhouse has stood here since the Ottoman times. Thermal water flows into one, and municipal city water into the other. The steam chamber is scented with chamomile.

Open for women: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 7am-6pm
Open for men: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 9am-8pm

Rudas bath: This bath is a 400 year-old Turkish bath with separate swimming pool for both sexes. The small apertures in the central dome allow shatfs of light to streak down to the marble pools beneath.
This is especially athmosperic on a cold day, when the light penetrates the billowing steam.

Open for women: Tuesday  6am-8pm
Open for men: Monday, Wednesday 6am-8pm
Open for both sexes: Saturday 8am-6pm

Gellért bath: This spa was built in 1918 and part of the Gellért Hotel, 
It has glazed tiles and mosaics. People often come here with doctor’s certificates , to take special cures. Steam baths are sperated for men and women. Everyone congregates at the shallow end when the bubble machines are switched on. In summer there is a large swimming pool with a wave machine.

Open: Monday-Sunday 6am-6pm

Széchenyi bath: This bath complex is the largest in Europe which was built in 1913 in Neo-Baroque style and it has an all-weather mixed swimming area as well as single-sex steam baths. The best time to wallow out of doors is in winter, when steam rises picturesquely from the surface of the warm water.

Open: Monday-Sunday 6am-7pm

Lukács bath: The sulphurous waters are particularly good for rheumatism and arthritis, as well as for muscle and nerve complaints. There are two all-weather outdoor pools, and a sauna.There is a bubble pool that also contains a whirlpool.

Some importance: 
Bring your own soap and shampoo and a pair of filp-flops. Király and Rudas will provide you with a towel. To the other baths you need to take yours.

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