Beaches in Budapest

Baths, spas beaches ? There are many of them to choose from if you would like to rest after a long week. 

We give you some ideas where you can go to cooling.

1. Aquaréna 

This beach is next to the Hungaroring in Mogyoród which is not a usual beach where you can go in to the pool and do sunbath. This is the aréna where are 26 slide tracks can be found with 9 pools included adventurous pool also, jacuzzi and three-storey jumping pool.
Not only the pools and the slides lure the people here but the possibility of the sport also. You can play football, volleyball and badminton as well.
Once you become hungry you can choose from many options that the restaurants are offering to you. For young children the animators provide interesting and playful programs.

Adress - 2146 Mogyoród, Vízipark út 1

2. Aquaworld
Bathe 356 days in a year. This is the motto of the Aquaworld as it is possible here. 15 adventurous pools and 4 more that offer you different experiences. 11 slide tracks are availabble in the aquaworld with different courage levels. For the bravest ones they offer the so-called Kamikaze slide while for the less brave ones the UFO is available. You do not have to go out if its cold in the winter as the slides are all inside the building and all of them is roofed. For adults, the world of the saunas offers the relaxation while for the youngers the animator workers provide funny and diversified programs. All in all this aquaworld is good for everybody. Through families, youngers, and elders. 

Adress - 1044 Budapest, Íves út 16.