Beliefs about the weather

Long ago, in the absence of a meteorological report, correlations were observed with the weather.

Some examples of how people predicted the weather.

 February 2: If the bear comes out of the cave it will be winter for a long time. But if he does not have the wits to come out, spring is coming soon.

 February 6: As the saying goes ”Dorottya is reaming” which means she relieves it.

February 14: On Valentine’s day if the air is dry and cold then the crop will be good all year.

 February 16: From Julianna’s day the weather will be better and better and the air will be warmer. If not it is only because ”Juliannas are fooling around.”

 February 19: On Zsuzsanna’s day if the lark is singing, it means the spring is on the corner.

 February 22: According to the beliefs the weather will be the same on József’s day as on this day. (March 19, May 1 and September 18)

 February 24: Legend says ”If Matthias finds ice then he breaks it, if he does not find ice then he makes it” – it means that on Matthias’ day the winter weather is expected to ease, but if its warm like on a spring day then the weather will be freezing.