Best breakfast places in Budapest part 1

Here we list some restaurants where you can eat a delicious breakfast.  

We show you some places where you can have delicious breakfast.

1. Pöttyös Bögre Bistro
This place can be found in the heart of the city. They offer gluten and lactose free breakfast. It opens in the morning at 7 o'clock with fres french baked goods. Various sandwiches with freshly squeezed orange. Wifi can be used, so what could be better than sit here in the early morning while organise the program for the day ? Nothing I bet.

Adress - Budapest 1061, Paulay Ede street 8

2. Zoska
Sit in the comfortable sofa and choose a book you are interested in. Choose from the various breakfast offers from the menu and enjoy the morning. Sweet or salty, smaller or bigger, does not matter. Drink some coffee or tea. If you are in a hurry then you can take it away.
Not only for breakfast, but after work you also can sit in for a glass of wine.

Adress - Budapest 1053, Ferenczy István street 28

3. Művész Café
All day breakfast option. If you need something to eat but want some light, here is your place. Sandwiches, baked goods, yoghurt-muesli and different breakfasts from eggs are available. Drink your fresh juice or a cup of coffee and upload yourself with energy.

Adress - Budapest 1061, Andrássy Avenue 29

4. Briós Café
Bagels in any quantity. Everyday something new. So many options you can choose from. Baked goods or meals made from egg, different sandwiches or salads? Or both? Desserts are on the menu also.
Here you can have a lunch as well. The so called late breakfast, early lunch.

Adress - Budapest 1137, Pozsonyi road 18

5. Mokka Cukka
Vegan! Gluten-, Lactose-, Milk- and Sugar FREE. Family and pet friendly place. You can sit out on the terrace while enjoying the sunshine and you breakfast. All day breakfast and lunch is offered. So many things to choose from on the menu.

Adress - Budapest 1054, Báthory street 3