Best breakfast places in Budapest part 2

Here we list some restaurants where you can eat a delicious breakfast.

We show you some places where you can have delicious breakfast. 

1. Keksz:
 In the middle of the city. Wifi can be used. You can read the news in qietly. Baked goods, sandwhiches or breakfast from egg. All day breakfast options. Opening hours are from 10.00 am until 02.00 pm.


Adress - Budapest 1075, Madách square 2

2. Wiener Salon: 
Classic ice-cream salon and a modern wiennese café where you eat donut also. Traditional breakfast options with several decades recipes. You can enjoy the terrace outside if the weather is good.

Adress - Budapest 1082, Corvin walkway 2/b

3. Le Petit Bistro:
 Mediterraneam stylished place with a quiet athmospehere. If you come here it's like you arrived in south France. Salty and sweet pancakes, sandwiches, fresh juices, coffee or tea, all in one place. 

Adress - Budapest 1065, Hajós street 26/b

4. Stika:
Gluten-, Lactose-, Sugar FREE breakslow. Enjoy your breakfast outside in the sunshine while watch the people rush to work. Feel the bustle around you while you have a pleasure due to your healthy and delicious breakfast with a cup of coffee, tea or fresh juice.

Adress - Budapest 1072, Dob street 46/a