Board Game Clubs

In recent years, board games have become noticeably new, and today we are seeing a supply of half-day strategic games and easy party games.

Different board games clubs and cafes do not only help you find the perfect game, but you can try as much as you want.

1. Board Game Café:
At the start, there were at least 400 games to choose from, and the palette has only been expanded since. new Strategic or associative party games? You can find both. Classic Scrabble , Cluedo or Ticket to Ride , the Star Wars Rebellion? Entry costs 500 HUF which means 3 hours of play time. If you become hungry you can choose from many panini, coffees, cakes and even wines.

Adress - 1094 Budapest, Ferenc körút 17

2. Partner's Game Bar:
Game masters from over 210 pieces would help you choose what you would like. Entering 800 HUF for one occasion, half of it can be consumed that day. With this entry you can play for 3 hours. There is also a system for signaling if you would like to join another company to play at the bar. Food and drink are also on offer.

Adress - 1137 Budapest, Katona József utca 21

3. Hammertime Café:

The somewhat different type of place is HammerTime, which is a role-playing player, cosplay, board games, and especially for the wargame community, and where we can play Terrific Strategic Board games. It includes a specialist shop for playground roles, role-playing games and board games, where clubs work, also holds many competitions, club days each year.

Adress - 1091 Budapest, Üllői út 111

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