Budapest' Confectioneries 2

Desserts in restaurants while sweets are in confectioneries.... Nowadays there is no difference as dessert and sweets are one and same. Budapest has many confectioneries that offers you a wide selection from salty sweets to sweets sweets.

Labor in Hungarian means Laboratory. 
The name refers to its design inside as its very clean and the walls are white. It looks something important is in the make. It is true. Sweets like cottage cheese noodle cake with bacon praline on the top of the cake next to the sour cream. Sounds rough, doesn’t it? As extreme as it sounds but it soon became the favorite of people who come here to eat some dessert.
It is not far from them to make cake either. You can ask extreme or nuda, clean version they will not disappoint you.

Adress – 1136, Budapest Hegedűs Gyula street 20.

Damniczki Budapest
Damniczki Balázs the confectioner started his Budapest career in 2016 in the city’s heart. First it only operated in Székesfehérvár but today we can enjoy it in Budapest too. This confectionery regularly takes part in competitions in ice-cream and cake categories. They make a combination from salty and sweet ingredients and when you taste it you feel yourself in the sky for a few moments. If you would like to eat more at home after a tiring day just ask them to pack it away for you and you will see how their boxes so fancy.

Adress – 1051, Budapest Hercegprímás street 17.

Édesmindegy Desszertbár
From 2013 this place is the reason people have to park their car down and run into the store to eat something sweet. Édesmindegy Desszertbár is multifunctional as they serve lunch also but desserts take the real experience here. From season to season they always introduce something new to you like fig, rosehip, pumpkin seed and wild pear. They have a wild selection you can choose from and if you can not decide because of the disorder of abundance then they are willing to help you out. Tarts, pies and pastel de nata? Do you need more?

Adress – 1137,  Budapest Pozsonyi way 16.

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