Budapest' ruinbars

Budapest has many ruinpubs and the best thing about them that you can enjoy them during the hot summer while sitting outside absorbing the rays of the sun and during the colder-rainy weather while the rain is raining. 

You do not have to worry to become wet because of the rain and ruins your mood. Ruinpubs have inside bar where you can chit-chat with your friends, family and your date.

Here we list some pubs which are waiting for you with opened arms. 

Ruinpubs for friendly chit-cat:

If you do not have the mood to party or to loud through the music then these places are for you.
Here you can sit down with a good nectar and enjoy the rest of the day after a hard workday or daytour.
  • Élesztő
  • Kisüzem
  • Fekete kutya
While Élesztő offers you many options to taste handcrafted beers until the Kisüzem and Fekete kutya offers unique and special whiskeys and rums.
Partying ruinpubs:
If you love to dance, like loud music or you are just in a mood to have a party then these are the places that a must. 
  • Fogasház-Instant-Larm-Robotház complex
  • Corvin club
  • Morrisons’ 2 club
Culture ruinpubs:
Sometimes you only want to hear a jazz band, folk music or enjoy other types of culture events?You do not have to separate this to ”hobby”. Drinking a fresh nectar and listening jazz music or watching cultural exhibitions are now a thing. 
  • Kisüzem
  • Gólya
Kisüzem sometimes gives a place for a mini-exhibition guided tour and there is a program series that mainly held on Sundays which is watching silent-films.
Gólya waits for you with the most cultural programs like bookweeks, book exhibitions, other small exhibitions, cultural conversations or movie nights. 

Marketed ruinpubs:
For culinary delights choose a ruinpub that gives places for a market also. 
  • Szimpla
  • Élesztő
  • Anker’t
  • Rácskert
Szimpla has a producer market on Sundays while Élesztő waits with an interactive cooking with gastro market where you can always learn something new from others. „As many houses, so many customs”.
 Anker’t holds design fairs if you like fashion or you are yearning for something special and unique.
 Rácskert has a fair on Mondays with cosmetics and premium gastro market and also has a monthly design – vintage fair.

Adresses to reach your destination easily:
Élesztő – 1094, Budapest Tűzoltó street 22.
Kisüzem – 1077, Budapest Kis Diófa street 2.
Fekete kutya – 1074, Budapest Dob street 31.
Fogasház-Instant-Larm-Robotház – 1073, Budapest Akácfa street 49.
Corvin Club – 1095, Budapest Blaha Lujza square 1-2.
Morrisons’ 2 Club – 1055, Budapest Szent István Boulevard 11.
Gólya – 1083, Budapest Bókay János street 34.
Szimpla – 1075, Budapest Kazinczy street 14.
Anker’t – 1061, Budapest Paulay Ede street 33.
Rácskert – 1072, Budapest Dob street 40.