Budapest’s Bridges 1

Budapest has 12 road bridges and 2 train bridges which connect the two sides of Buda and Pest or goes into an Island which located between the two sides.

Budapest’s bridges features the city’s view more than the spectalural buildings around.

Megyeri bridge
1this bridge is the moderniztaion of the country which is 1862 meter long and the second longest bridge of our country. Megyeri bridge was submitted in 2008 and it has its own biking and hiking part on the two sides of the bridge. The construction was only 2,5 years which is counts as little as big it is.

Nort Railway connecting bridge
This is one of Budapest’s railway Danube-bridge which besides that gives the Budapest-Esztergom railway traffic. allows the hiking and biking traffic to use the bridge as they have an own path.
 In 2008 the bridge was completely renovated. 

Árpád bridge
This is Budapest’s longest bridge which connects the III. and the XIII. districts. This is busiest bridge from all as it has been crossed by 150.000 cars daily. Halfway of the bridge we can go down to the Margaret-Island to walk around a little.

Margaret bridge
This is Budapest’s second permanent bridge which was built between 1872-1876. It was submitted in 1876. The next big reconstruction was in 2009 and was submitted again in 2011. Margaret-Island is the popular bridge where you can easily walk down to the Margaret-Island. The most busiest trams nr. 4-6 cross the bridge daily to take the passengers to the middle of the city.

Széchenyi Chain bridge
This is the capital’s monument and the first permanent bridge built between 1839-1849. Unfortunately because of the World War this bridge was also destroyes that much, it had to be rebuilt on its 100 year anniversary. On Buda side the bridge ends by the Clark Adam’s square where the tunnel is standing. You can reach the top of the tunnel easily and see the panoramic view of the Pest side, the busy Danube and at night the breathtaking sunshine. 


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