Budapest's hidden lookouts

If you like to go on an excursion and prefer a little less bustling place where you can switch off yourself for a couple hours then these targets must be on your bucket list. 

We introduce you some hiking destination that are less known but but its also as beautiful as the popular ones.
These hiking places will not take a whole day so you can easily organise a program after an easy hiking.

Kis-Hárs-Mountain Lookout
Walk in the forest and feel the sun’s shine on you skin, hear the trees’ noises, breathe clear air… Does it sounds soothingly? It is. The route to the lookout is not stressful at all, you have to follow the green route. You can walk up easily as the route is only 1km and the level rise is only 21 meter. On the top of the Kis-Hárs-Mountain the view is absolutely stunning as you can see the Danube, the Citadel, Buda Castle and the panorama shows you the North-Buda area.

The starting point to reach the top of the mountain : 1021, Budapest Budakeszi way 97.

Nagy-Hárs-Mountain Lookout
Kis-Hárs-Mountain’s big brother is the Nagy-Hárs-Mountain which has the same starting point as its little brother has, but you have to follow the yellow route. This section of excursion is only 0,8 km so this is a little bit shorter but the rising level is harder. Approximately 15-20 minute is enough to reach our destination. On our way to the lookout we can take a rest next to the Bátori-cave and we can cross a narrow wooden made bridge to reach the glade before the panoramic lookout. This lookout is looks like a terrace, as we step forward the terrace is bigger and bigger and we can see an increasingly wide panorama.

The starting point to reach the top of the mountain is the same to its little brother lookout : 1021, Budapest Budakeszi way 97.

Rupp-Mountain is in the XI. district and lays on an 8 hectares area with 38 protected plan species. During on our way on natural trail we can learn from its boards. There are detailed information about the lookout, trails, protected plans and other useful informations. This route back and forth can be done under 2-2,5 hours. If the weather is nice we can see the other half of the city as well.

Address to start your hiking : 1112, Budapest Rupphegyi way 12.

This is the hiking place which can be visited only at your own riska as rocks are really dangerous.
Apáthy-Rock hiking destination is really popular as you can see the whole town spreaded beneath you. Final station of bus nr. 11, from Nagybányai way you can start your tour to the top and it can be taken under 10 minutes.

Ördögorom lookout is a 10 hectares area which can be approachable from the Farkasréti cemetery. Under a few hours it can be walkable and our hiking is faciliated by the built walkways. There are some resting place where we can sit down to consume our sandwiches our just take a deep breath. This hiking is really worth its every minute as the panoramic view is stunning. Our walkway is full with unique floras and with geological rarities.

Type in ypur GPS to find the starting point : 1112, Budapest Ördögorom slope

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