Budapest's terraces part 3

Spring is here. What can be better than a fresh air with some culinary dishes ?

Here we list some good terraces in Budapest.

Sarki Fűszeres:
It has became an essyential part of Budapest"s scene.

Café? Breakfast? Wine bar? Restaurant? You can everything here in one place. On its shelves you can find a selection of Hungarian, French or Italian wines.   What can be a better choice than a cheese ?
On the menu you can choose from salad, sandwiches, grilled cheeses and so on...
Sit outside on its terraces and switch off, just enjoy your time.

Adress: 1137 Budapest, Pozsonyi út 53-55.

Mag Kert:
Little bit far from the city’s busy districts. It is located in Kelenföld in district XII. This is a laid-back garden with cocktailes or limonades. It is furnished with beer benches and hammocks. If you come here you can feel yourself just like at home. Everything is cozy and friendly. Ping-pong table is also in its garden so you can burn some calories after a ful lunch.

Adress : 1119 Budapest, Kelenvölgyi határsor 3.

Black Cab Burger:
It is located in the heart of the city. This gourmet kitchen has signatured hand-cut chips. Guests can build their desired burger from top to bottom. You can choose the meat or vegetarian burger, and also you can variate the toppings. Take a seat at the Black Cab’s terrace!

Adress : 1088 Budapest, Rákóczi út 19.

references : Budapest Funzine

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