Business Lunch in Budapest 2

This is an existing expression in real life. Business lunch is an important part of doing business. Above a great meal lots of agreements have been made.
Here is a list of restaurants whhich can be good for a business lunch.

Nobu Budapest
This place is located in the Kempinski Hotel Corvinus close to the Deák Square. The chef offers you daily sushi selection with miso soup and ice cream. This restaurant is the first Central European member of the avant-garde Japanese dining empire started by the actor Robert De Niro.
Enjoy the freshly prepared food and the great ambience while you are tasting your unique miso soup or other Japanese dish, an agreement in the business can be created. Vegetarian dishes are also available so it cannot be an excuse to try out Nobu.

 Adress – 1051, Budapest Erzsébet square 7-8.

Wan Hao
Bamboo baskets, Bao and Jiao or woks? Does this dishes say something to you? If the answer is yes then you will like this place, but if the answer is no then is the right time to try them out.
Fast yet delicate business lunch here is the best option. Dim sum specialities, Donburi, Cantonese fried noodle with beef and number of toppings are waiting for you. Of course there are lighter dishes as well like noodle salads with chicken and bean sprouts.

Adress – 1107, Budapest Jegenye street 20.

Montenegro Gurman Grill & Wine Bar
This is a new dog-friendly place located on Blaha Lujza square which will be the 4th member of the Montenegro Gurman family that invites you on culinary journeys. This place offers Serbian and Montenegrin cuisine. Vegetarian foods, salads, hand-kneaded doughs are made in front of you in the opened kitchen. Foods can be made in lighter or filling versions.

Adress – 1051, Budapest Hercegprímás street 2.

Costes Downtown
This is the sister of Costes the first Michelin-star-awarded restaurant in Hungary. This restaurant won the award just only 1 year after its opening. Prestige Hotel is the host for this restaurant. Breakfast, lunch, dinner... no matter which, all of the dishes are freshly made in an opened kitchen in front of you. There are several menus like 2-3-4-5-6-7 courses you can choose from. This place is really fancy and the price reflects on the quality of the foods.

Adress – 1051, Budapest Vigyázó Ferenc street 5.

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