Capital Circus of Budapest

Capital Circus of Budapest only waits for you. If you would like to see wild animals doing magic, then this will be the place where you should spend the weekend. Circus is best for families with children for an uplifting feeling.

The Capital Circus of Budapest is located in the XIV. district in the city park, close to the Széchenyi Spa, Vajdahunyad Castle and to the Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden.

In the Metropolitan Circus of the City Park, the audience can now see not only humorous and spectacular circus productions but also high-quality concerts for high-quality and light music, operetta performances, colour performances, sports events and other presentations.
The Grand Circus of Budapest has been hosting the International Circus Festival for eight years now, with the best productions coming from many countries in the world and competing with each other.

History of the Grand Circus in Budapest:
The City park of Budapest had a circus already in the 1800s, but the golden age began in 1936 when the Bright Circus of the Metropolitan Capital was renovated thanks to György Fényes Entrepreneur. It was the time, when the popular Gábor Eötvös (1921-2002) Jászai-winning musical clown came to the arena to steal our hearts with his famous mimic: "There is anotheeeer !!" This attraction gained recognition worldwide even from the living legend Charlie Chaplin.
The circus was closed because of the bombing during the wartime, and then opened in July 1945 again with the name of Metropolitan Circus.  Then is 1966 it hay to be demolished, but in 1971 in January on 14th, it came to grand re-opening time of the Metropolitan Circus, which was celebrated with a gala performances of clowns to acrobats, the trainers and revered audience.