Carnival festivities

According to the tradition at the end of the festivities we also chase away the winter and on Palm Sunday we are celebrating the coming of Spring.

The carnival celebration falls between Epiphany and Ash Wednesday with many folk traditions.
Essence of this carnival is to blow up and mock the rules. This is why people are wearing masks. Anonymity and facelessness provides everyone an unbridled amusement.

Epyphany is always on 6th of January. According to a biblical tradition, the priest consecrates the incense and the water, which will be used for baptism – hence the name of the day. Ash Wednesday is a changing holiday but always the 40th day before Easter.
Traditionally the day befor Ash Wednesday, called Meat Tuesday, is the last day of carnival when it is possible to have an unhindered feast, as the next day starts the fasting period until Easter begins.

Carnival Sunday, Carnical Monday and Meat Tueasday make the real carnival. These closing three days are also called as Carnival’s Tail as these are the real days of the liberated fun. ”We tie the Carnival Tail-said everyone.

Winter Burial in Hungary”
Carnival and the subsequent fasting period is also refers to the end of winter. An ancient belief brought this tradition as people thought that in the last days of winter the sun would weaken and evil spirits would come to life. They were about to chase them away with hilarity, formation and witch hunts.
In Hungarian folk customs, Palm Sunday was associated with sanctification, but in many places people burnt a straw dummy to say goodbye to the winter.

One of the most characteristic carnival festivities in Hungary, preserving centuries-old traditions, is the ”Mohácsi Busójárás”. Carnival’s most favorite spot is when they lit a house-sized bonfire in the middle of the main square. People dance around the fire, sing and have fun.

Ball season
Carnival festivities are celebrated during the carnival period and also on weekends. They have piggy-backed feasts while there are a range of entertainment options to celebrate also combined with a refreshment at a wellness hotel.