Christmas Dinner Menus all around the world

At Chrismas the menu always plays an important role when the whole family sit together and has a Christmas Dinner together.

This is the case everywhere in the world and there are typical dishes prepared by the locals everywhere. These include dishes that are almost never made during they year, sometimes with local specialities.

Some examples from different countries.

1. Chile
Roast turkey, vegetables and potatoes are common, along with a fine local wine. Their speciality is the ”cola de mono” which is especially consumed at Christmas which includes coffee, milk and sugar.

2. Czech Republic
In the Czech Republic people are fasting till Christmas Eve and they only eat a small piece of sweet cake during the day to prepare for the big evening feast. They eat fish soup which is not the same like Hungarian fish soup at all or they eat mushroom cubes which is made from barley pearls.
This is followed by the main course which is usually roasted carp with potato salad.

3. Denmark
In Dermark, the Christmas dinner consisted of traditionally roasted pork served with steamed cabagge, brown sauce and boiled potatoes. This has changed over time, but the most important, the dessert, has not.
Risengrød is a hot rice pudding with cream, almond, vanilla and warm cherry syrup on it.
 The dessert is also coming with an almond that is stripped of its appearance and whoever finds it receives a gift.

4. France
The name of Christmas Eve dinner in France is called Le Réveillon and the menu has a lot to offer, from oysters to cheeses. The main dessert is the bûche de Noël. By the tradition of Provence they have 13 desserts on the table symbolising the 12 apostles and Jesus. 

5. India
The catholic population of India also celebrate the Christmas with lots of sweets such as kidiyo, which is a donut ball with sugar syrup or cardamom noodles. The main course is usually birjani, which contains lamb and rice or curry.

 6. Italy
In southern Italy, Christmas Dinner is the ”Feast of the Seven Fish”, also called La Vigilia. The menu usually contains only fishes or mussels but there most be seven types of dishes. According to tradition eel is a must have and fish noodles are also on the table.  

7. Lithuania
In Lithuania, there twelve different types of dishes on the table which can not contain meat but fish. Usually herring is the most preferable made with beets, apples, mushrooms or carrots. Sour cabbage can not be missing from the table nor are the steam dumplings made with various fillings. For dessert, they eat the so called kūčiukai which is a tiny biscuit made from poppy seed.

8. Philippines
Christmas is real sweet holiday in the Philippines. Ham is sweetened with honey and the skin of the pork is crispy fried and caramelized. Sweet spaghetti is also common, served with sugar sweetened tomato sauce. 

9. United Kingdom
Roast turkey, french fries, brussels sprouts, cranberry sauce, stuffings and brown sauce can be found on the table on Christmas Eve. Another typical dish is the Yorkshire pudding, which is certainly not a sweet dish, as many would think, but salted pastry.
 After dinner they often play a classic game when they put a crown made of paper on their heads.

10. Poland
Like Lithuania, they serve twelve dishes as well and they also do not eat meat. In the past the twelve dishes symbolised the twelve apostles. Nowadays the quaintity of the served dishes depend on the amount of guests. They start with beetroot soup followed by other soups, then fishes, herrings and carps. Poppy seed cake is the dessert and they also eat a peptic compote to finish the heavy meal.