Dance and music

Hungary is well known for its folklore traditions. In the present days the Folklore is still thriving and what's more.. it still the determining figure of the Hungarian culture. This music and dance perfectly show the Hungarian tradition.

Hungary has a rich musical tradition and is one of the foremost folk music nations of the World. 

Hungarian Folk music is rural in its origin. Village bands composed of a violin, viola and double bass would accompany weddings, harvest festivals and Sunday mass. The music is completely unlike any other in the region. Much of that music is from Translyvania, which for historical and cultural reasons is a region where traditions have altered a little.
In the 1970s the dance house movement was formed as a forum for young urban Hungarians to listen to the music of their forefathers and learn the dance steps.
Ferenc Sebő and his band are also a well-established and popular folk music outfit, as is the Group Kaláka, who perform Hungarian and other folk melodies, and have set much poetry to music.

Most Hungarian roots music, though, is still presented in the raw, and by far the best way to experience it is live.

Best Dance Houses: -Fonó and  Aranytíz Ifjfúsági Centrum

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