Dog friendly Budapest

Budapest is evolving and we have more and more dog-friendly places in the city. 
 It is always hard to leave yourfavorite one at home but now we collected some places where you can take your dog no matter the size of it.

Not only the place is opened for the dogs but people who work there are also friendly and bring water or treats for your pet.

Here are some places where you can sit inside or outside with your pet.

Mazel Tov Restaurant (1072 Budapest, Akácfa street 47)
Konyha Restaurant near to the Gozsdu Courtyard (1075 Budapest, Madách Imre street 8)
Pozsonyi Tavern (1137 Budapest, Radnóti Miklós street 38)
Fruccola Restaurants
Zing Burger Restaurants

California Coffee Company (1066 Budapest, Teréz Boulevard 38)
Cafe Nomuri (1051 Budapest, Sas street 15)
Ébresztő (1137 Budapest, Jászai Mari square 4b)
My Little Melbourne (1075 Budapest, Madách Imre street 3)

Pubs /Bars
Szimpla Garden (1075 Budapest, Kazinczy street 14)
Raqpart (1051 Budapest, Jane Haining embankment
Telep (1075 Budapest, Madách Imre street 8)
Fekete Kutya which means Black Dog (1074 Budapest, Dob street 31)

Óbuda Museum (1033 Budapest, Fő square 1)
Toldi Cinema (1054 Budapest, Bajczy-Zsilinszky Avenue 36-38)
Corvin Cinema (1082 Budapest, Corvin street 1)
Puskin Cinema (1053 Budapest, Kossuth Lajos street 18)
Kino Cafe (1137 Budapest, Szent István Boulevard 16)
Capa Center (1065 Budapest, Nagymező street 8)
Várfok Gallery (1012 Budapest, Várfok street 11)
Mai Manó House (1065 Budapest, Nagymező street 20)

Dog-friendly shopping centers
Supermarkets are not opened for dogs but malls are.
Mom Park
Duna Plaza
Asia Center

Of course, leash is as compulsory as good health and good manners. In these malls, the smaller stores can decide if they are dog-friendly or not. The diner is absolutely a forbidden zone for pets.

These are museums, cafes, restaurants, taverns and so on.. many places where you can enjoy your day without worrying about your dog.

Flash dog bakery waits for those dogs who would like to try out some new. A mountain of rewards are waiting for dogs here.

-Cookies from Levander
-Cinnamon rolls

And this bakery is absolutely human-friendly :D You can eat and try out what your pet is eating.
1118 Budapest, Villányi street 86.