Downtown Parish

The main Parish Church of the Assumption in the centre of Budapest is located on Marc 15th Square.
 This two-towered church holds the memories of nearly two thousand years.

In the early 2000s, an excavation explored tombs from the XI. century in the area of today’s sacristy as burial was only possible next to the temple or inside. In 1046 Bishop Gellért was buried here.
In the 14th century, it was rebuilt in Gothic style with the support of King Sigismund.

During Turkish time it was used as a mosque. Its memory is a mihrab (prayer niche) on the southeast wall of the shrine. After a fire in 1723, it was restored between 1725 and 1739 in Baroque style, under the leadership of János György Bauer.

It was restored several times: between 1805-1808 by János Hild, in 1889 by Imre Steindl and after 1945 under the leadership of László Gerő. The interior painting of the temple was renovated in 1976-77. During the archeological excavation between 2014 and 2016, the camp commander’s room became visible and a crypt was created also.

The church’s towers are 52 meters high and 4 bells are located here. Two larger in the north and two smaller in the south. Each is heard at a different time and each one has different representations.