Easter Monday Watering

Easter Monday is the day of watering in the Hungarian life.

Girls were often taken to the well, trough and dumped with water in a bucket. In return, they gave an egg to the boys. Sure, the Easter sprinkler bowls couldn't be left behind, offering a rich collection of folk poetry to various rhymes.

The eggs represent the fertility and renewal have been central to many creature myths. It is used for gifts and ornaments. There is a traídition that is about the Easter egg painting. It has spread in the 12th century in Europe.
Most often it was painted geometric and plant patterns or stylized, simplified figures and totemistic animals. The most common is the red egg, the colour of which is the blood and the fire, love and spring, freedom and resurrection.

Nowadays you can paint your eggs as you would like to. It can be traditional, or simple, flowers on it or something funny.

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