Easter's origin

At Easter, Christianity celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter is the oldest Christian holiday and is also the most important of the holidays of the Church year.

Good Friday
On this day they remember the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It is forbidden to eat meat on Good Friday. There are some more beliefs in this period. 
Weather forecasts are also related to this day. In the case of rain, good spring is predicted, but if the weather is good on Friday, it will be a weedy, bad crop.

The name of Easter is different in different languages. However, its common origin is the Hebrew name of Easter, the Passover.
One of the greatest celebrations of Christianity, this day celebrates the resurrection of Christ. Staying away from meat - called the 40 days Lent - comes to an end at the end of Easter.

Easter Sunday
Easter is nowadays the most important celebration of Christians, but outside of religion is also springtime, the celebration of spring
Jesus - after the crucifixion on Friday - resurrects on the third day, Sunday. He did not free the world from suffering by his death, but he redeemed the sin of all men, and by his resurrection he won victory over death.

References debrecen.imami.hu

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