Gala Concert

Original spectacle not just for Music Lovers

The Budapest Gala Concert is a one of a kind regular music performance in the city centre that has attracted thousands of culture enthusiasts since its debut in 2014.

The program has evolved from the popular Danube Symphony Concert series into a colourful live show displaying the diversity of Hungary’s musical culture with some of te most talented performers in Budapest. With a wide array of artistic influences, the Gala concert features soloists from the world-famous Budapest Operetta Theatre, accompanying the prestigious Danube Símphony Orchestra. Further raising the standards of the evening is the eye-catching performance by celebrated Hungarian ballett dancers that form this two part concert into a mesmerizing showcase of the Hungarian music and dance culture.

The event’s art director, Ferenc Szklenár manages the orchestra since 1994 with the ambition to acquaint people with the masterpieces of Hungarian classical music. The quality is guaranteed by the undeniable talents of leading musicians such as Tatyjana Rudnyiczky Concertmaster of László Demeter first flutist. Under the experienced baton of András Deák, the orchestra forms into a melodious unit that captivates audiences night after night.

The one and a half hour long concert is organised in two historical and prestigious venues at the city centre. Aside front he stunning Danube Palace as its main host, the city’s very first concert venue, The ”Pesti Vigadó” provides a second home for the performance.

As a highlight of the colourful production, a traditional Hungarian instrument, the cimbalom will be introduced by a talented virtuoso aritst. This instrument has been the basis of som of the most popular Hungarian musical compositions.

First part 
Hector Berloz : Rákóczi March (Orchestra) 
Zoltán Kodály : Intermezzo – from the Opera Háry János (Orchestra)
Johannes Brahms : Hungarian Dances No. 5. (Orchestra with cimbalon solo)
Béla Bartók : Roumanian Folk Dances (Orchestra)
Jules Massenet : Thais- Meditation (Kiss Zoltán, Orchestra)
Ferenc Erkel : Palotás – from the Opera
Hunyadi László (Orchestra) 
Franz Liszt : Hungarian Rhapsody No.2. (Orchestra with cimbalom solo)

Second part 
Franz Lehár : Eva-Waltz (Ballett Ensemble) 
Emmerich Kálmán : The Czardas Queen – „Dasist die Liebe”
Franz Lehár : The Merry Widow – Medley (Orchestra)
Franz Lehár : The Merry Widow – „GrisettenLied un Kan-Kan” (Ballett Ensemble)
Grigoras Ionica Dinicu : The nightingale (Gypsy Band)
A csitári hegyek alatt…. (Hungarian Folk song, Gypsy Band) 
Vittorio Monti : Czardas (Gypsy Band)