Gingerbread recipe

If you would like to prepare the perfect gingerbread for Christmas Eve then here is a receipt you should definitely try out. 

Several people already baked these cookies to make sure it will be flawless along the Christmas Dinner.

We get a very-well worked, elastic dough that is non sticky, nourishingly sweet, pleasantly spicy, and has excellent stretchability. It remains soft immediately after baking.

 1 kilogram fine-grained flour
 30 dekagrams of icing sugar
 3 teaspoons of baking soda
 14 grams of gingerbread spice
 30 dekagrams of margarine
 250 milliliters of honey
 3 eggs

 2 egg whites
 30 dekagrams of icing sugar


1. First, mix the dry ingredients thoroughly, then come the eggs, honey and slightly melted margarine. Knead until a homogeneous, fragrant, elastic dough is obtained.

 2. Divide into 3 pieces and stretch out the dough to a thickness of 0.5 centimeter each. Tear it apart, place it on a baking sheet, not tightly, because they will thicken during baking. Bake it.

 Decorative glaze:

 Half whisk 2 egg whites with a food processor, then add 30 dekagram of icing sugar and stir until it becomes hardened.

 Baking temperature: 180°C