Gluttonous Thursday

Gluttonous Thursday is one of the special days of the carnival that was once a part of Hungarian folk customs. 

In essence, before the oncoming Lent, on this day it was allowed to eat food with rich in fat and foods related to the carnival period (such as donuts) and they were allowed to eat greedier than usual.

In the second half of the 20th century because of the political changes the carnival traditions changed. They regularly organize school gatherings, balls, carnivals, sometimes on Ash Wednesdays. As a result of the tradition of the Gluttonous Thursday soon worn out and died.

In Hungary it was revived on Thursday after Ash Wednesday, some sources say it’s economical and would be due to the fact that meat remains in the household so that they are not allowed to be wasted today. On this day it is allowed to eat all the leftover foods from the carnival.