Gödöllői Castle and Gödöllő’s parks

Gödöllő lays about 30km away from Budapest which is a metropolitan area in Pest county. H8 numbered suburban railway takes you directly to Gödöllő from Örs Vezér square.

 Saint Stephen University can be found here and this is Hungary’s main education institute of agriculture.
 Many kindergartens elementary and secondary schools are located here.

Gödöllő is famous for its parks, museums and the Gödöllői Castle.
This Castle of Gödöllő is originally built for the aristocratic Grassalkovich family and later the Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary had the summer residence here with his wife Elisabeth, commonly known as Sisi. Antal Grassalkovich was the favourite nobleman of Mária Terézia, who built the Castle in 1745 in baroque style. Nowadays there are exhibitions in the Castle which can be visited by anyone. You can know how life looked like here, how they lived their everyday life and you can get an insight about their secret life also. You will get a headseat which tells you the information in every room while you can read it also and guide yourself around in your tempo.

Adress – 2100 Gödöllő, Grassalkovich-kastély 5820


Gödöllői Castle Park where we can enter without any ticket for free. Here you can take a long walk around the park, enjoy some fresh, clean air and admire the beautiful gardening around. If you would like to, you can rent a ride with horses and you will be carried on the cart just like the King and Sisi did.

Adress – 2100 Gödöllő, Grassalkovich-kastély 5820


Gödöllői Forestry ArboretumIf you had enough of the bustling city and fed up with contaminated air, cars then this is the arboretum which can be visited for free and where you can turn off your brain for a couple hours. Enjoy the clean and fresh air here while admire the different type and unique trees around you. If you listen a little you can hear many birds’ twittering. The arboretum is dog friendly so you can bring your dogs on this adventure also.

Adress – 2100 Gödöllő, Isaszegi way 164.

Erzsébet Park 
which was built up after Queen Elisabeth’s death. After her tragic and unexpected death community started to build parks everywhere around Gödöllőn and throughout, so this is why we can enjoy these parks nowadays with many trees. Erzsébet Park has a spacious walkways whid leads you to the Sisi shaping sculpture made by Róna József.

Adress – 2100 Gödöllő, Erzsébet Park

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