Gundel Restaurant

The world-wide famous restaurant which you have heard about at least once in your life. The restaurant that got place in the New York Times' newspapers. Here you sure will be introduced to the Hungarian kitchen's traditions. 

Gundel Restaurant Hungary's leading restaurant is the Gundel which offers unparallel surrondings, not to mention the gastronomy. It’s located in the City Park since 1894. The founder is Károly Gundel who started to offer the Hungarian traditional meals in a more elegant and sophisticated way.

The Gundel-legend started with Johann Gundel who was only 13 years old when he started his career in the world of kitchen. In his long course of life he gained lot of experiences but it was not enough for him. He wanted more and more so he reached his record in the kitchen life when he introduced the Hungarian meals in the Hotel of István Főherczeg. From that time his restaurant was mentioned with famous restaurants like Viennese, Munich and Parisian ones.

The founder we mentioned above was Károly who started his career as a young man by his father János. They worked together in the István Főherczeg Hotel's kitchen. Károly traveled the world and in 1910 he moved to Budapest with his family to take over the Wampetics restaurant which is now the Gundel ever since. Károly introduced a new level with his foods. He tamed the Hungarian cuisine and combined it with th influences coming from the expanding world. With his pioneering work, he put Hungary on the gastronomic map of the world with its history.

Famous politicians, writers, artists, musicians went to the restaurant of Károly Gundel, the Gundel House itself. The chefs of the restaurant and even Károly created specialities for their famous guests and they named the meals after them. This is why the foods have a name like people if you look into the menu. The Gundel House survived many "storms" like the 1st and the 2nd World War, economic crises and the years of nationalization. After the 100th anniversary of its foundation, they still continue its hard work. 

But what is the importance of the Gundel's gastronomy? 
New dishes he and his father composed have become the indispensable dishes of Hungarian cuisine. Gundel restaurant still offer meals with unchanged, original recipes. People meet the Hungarian gastronomy in an authentic way.