Halloween in Hungary?

Halloween, All Soul’s Day or All Saint’s Day ? What is the difference between these 3 holidays?
 Now we will find out. 

Halloween eve can be traced back to  the pagan Celtic feast of ghosts and demons. 

The Celts divided the year into two years. Winter started from 31st of October until 1st of May. This is the Samhain period. Celtic people though that this time of the year the God of Sun, Samhain was captured by the God of death and darkness, who called the spirits of death on the night of 31st of October.
Celtic priests this time set fires, sacrificed and danced around the fire on the hilltop, under the sacred oaks. The next day on 1st of November they gave glows to the families to set fires with and with this warmth banished evil spirits from their homes.


Celebrations were linked to the day of the former Celtic dead cult. The new Christian feast was officially recognized by the church 835 and has been held since 1st of November. Later 2nd of November was declared as holy day , the day of All Soul’s Day.

In the Catholic church All Saint’s Day commemorate all saved souls, while Protestantism commemorates death. Day after All Saint’s Day, devotees, who have not received yet the salvation, are celebrated in pulgatory.

All Saint’s Day became into a general commemoration in our days.

Folk customs related to All Saints and All Souls Day

In many European countries, including Hungary, people usually visit their relatives graves and repair them. Put a flower on it and light a candle to remember them. Flower of chrysantheum is the most popular in our country as it starts to flourish this time of the year.

The original purpose of this tradition was for the liberated souls to return their own graves, to stay in their homes peacefully and not to attempt the living ones. As in the past Christians thought that the souls emerged from their graves that night. It was a habit for that, people lit a candle in their houses to guide the returning souls in the house.

The day before All Saint’s Day the Halloween was formed. Halloween is a short version of ”All Hallows Eve”. Initially, the celebration first spread mainly to the Anglo-Saxon territories, but for today it has conquered almost the whole world.

Traditions of Halloween
On this night children put on costumes and walk through the neighborhood. When reached on house they knock on the door and say ”Trick or Treat”. They ask for chocholate, sweets or other trifles. If they are not given with these they do some pranks on the neighborhood. In Hungary this Trick or Treat game is infrequent, rather in the USA. Long time ago people thought that on this night the boundary between the world of the living and the death is narrowing down. Because of it to protect themselves they started to wear scary costumes and carved frightening pumpkin lanterns. These pumpkin lanters are called ”Jack O’Lantern ”.


These are the celebration of remembrance of the deads, and they all came from an ancient holiday.
Halloween, All Soul’s Day, All Saint’s Day are closely intertwined festivities.

31st of October – Halloween
1st of November – All Soul’s Day
2nd of November – All Saint’s Day

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