Heroes square and it's outskirts

Have you ever heard about the Heroes Square?

Heroes Square is one of the major squares in Budapest. The square lies at the outbound end of Andrássy Avenue next to the City Park. 

Its name came from the iconic statue complex featuring the 7 chieftains of the Magyars and other important national leaders.
It hosts the Palace of Art on it’s right and the Museum of Fine Arts on it’s left.

The central feature of Heroe’s Square, as well as a landmark of Budapest, is the Millenium Memorial.
At the front of the monument, there is a large stone cenotaph surrounded by an ornamental iron chain. It is dedicated to the memory of the heroes who gave their lives for the freedom of our people and our national independence.
In the middle, there is the column and on the top of the column depicts Archangel Gabriel, who holds the Hungarian Holy Crown of St. Stephen our first king of Hungary in his left hand and the apostolic double cross in his left hand.

Behind the Millenium Monument here is the gothic styled Vajdahunyad Castle.
This Castle is in the City Park of Budapest which was built in 1896 as a part of the Millenial Exhibition.
It displays different architectural styles likes Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Romanesque.
Originally it was made from cardboard and wood but when it became that popular it was rebuilt from stone and brick.
Now it houses the Museum of Agriculture which is the biggest one in Europe.
Vajdahunyad Castle stretches in the City Park (Városliget), which hosts many buildings as well, such as the Zoo, the Széchenyi Spa, the Museums and also a small lake called by City Park lake.

In beautiful weathers like today, you can spend a whole day here as an outdoor program. Take a long walk in the fresh air, visit the museums, take some photographs for memory. Not last it could be a good family day

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