Hungarian Cuisine Restaurants part 2

Here we list some Hungarian restaurants where you can be introduced to the typical Hungarian foods.

1. Paprika Vendéglő
Typical Hungarian restaurant with Hungarian meals. Salads, main meals, desserts, appetizers, soups, meal for two and even vegetarian options are on the menu. You won't be hungry after these foods.

Adress - Budapest 1071, Dózsa György way 72.

2. Gundel Restaurant
This is a very famous restaurant where you can enjoy the Hungarian's favourite ones. There are a list of tasters, snacks and cheeses. Gundel restaurant offers you traditional and unique meals.

Adress - Budapest 1146, Gundel Károly way 4.

3. Múzeum Café and Restaurant
The menu can be read in 8 lanugages. Offers are traditional, special and fancy. These are the kind of foods you do not eat everyday. Hungarian wines with its description and origin in the wine-list can be read. 

Adress - Budapest 1088, Múzeum avenue 12.

4. Fakanál Restaurant
Fakanál restaurant can be found in the famous Great Market Hall. Fakanál waits you with special programs where you can learn how to fill sausage. Meals here tastes like your grandma made it. Typical home-food and hungarian meals. Do you know what the word Fakanál means? It means kitchen-wooden spoon. 

Adress - Budapest 1093, Vámház avenue 1-3. 1st floor