Hungarian street delights

Are you tired of the overpriced restaurants? Why don't you try something unique on a go? Check out the best street food of the Hungry Hungarians.

Lángos is one of the tastiest sourdoughs you will ever have. You might have trouble finding your favourite because there are limitless variations of toppings. The dough is fluffy as a cloud on the inside, and also crispy on the outside. You can choose from the simple salt and garlic topping to the bacon, cheese, ham, sausage, and sour cream variations.

As you may have realized by now the Hungarian kitchen is all about meat and dough. One of the most famous meat lunches is hurka and kolbász, these stand for welt and sausage. Millions of options you can choose from such as bloody, spicy, hot, mild. These meat portions are coming with bread and sauerkraut on the side.

Sweet lovers as well will find a way to eat on the go. Kürtös kalács is known as „chimney cake” because of the way it looks. The dough is baked on an open fire so the taste is really unique. The best way to eat it is to roll down the layers. You can choose from several different coats, walnut, cocoa, cinnamon.

Rétes is the heaven on earth as it made from thin layers of pastry filled up in a roll and stuffed with sweet cottage cheese, cherry, and apricot. After it came out of the oven it's crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, sprinkled with sugar.

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