Hungarian wines

What can be better than a night cruise with a live music, where you can see the sunset? Hungarian wines!! Or both!

Tokaji Furmint Grand Selection
This is a dry white wine.
In appearance, it's light greenish yellow. In it's scent it's clean and spicy. The vivid acidity of the wine is fruity with a citrus aroma. Perfect aperitif.

Bárdos Pincészet Pinot Grigio
Young plantation crop of the Manósi vineyard. Perfect balanced, decisively variety-specific wine. In it's scent and taste the herbs delicious dominance can be found mixed with a little tarty savour.
Dry white wine.

Tokaji Aszú 3 Puttonyos
A sweet white vintage wine. It's taste is full, harmoniously sweet and light. Amber-colored light wine. Puttonyos is the unit given to denote the level of sugar and hence the sweetness of the Tokaji wine.

Tokaji Szamorodni Sweet
This is a sweet white wine.
When you taste it you will feel the creaminess mixed with citrus and fruit flavor. The perfect balance between a vibrating, playful, semi-sweet alcohol. The wine spent more than a year in an oak barrel.

Hilltop Premium Merlot
Ruby red colored, velvety and the taste of red fruits mixed in this dry port-wine.  Over the years it will be more and more tasteful.

Bodri Szekszárdi Civilis Cuvée
Rubin red colored, dry Hungarian port-wine.  Medium intensity and in it's savour the black currant with a little spicy vanilla can be found. 

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