Hungary’s wine region

Hungary nowadays keeps count of 22 wine regions. Bacause of the changing climate, wine regions are really different from each others.

In Hungary a delicious wine was always an accompanying of a supper. The Hungarian kitchen is famous for its heavy, greasy, spicy food and a bottle of dry wine could help in the easy digestion.
Good to know that not only the kitchen but the folk medicine also required a good wine.

Wine was the root for many things, for example : nuptial, christening, agreements and so on…
Our king Matthias was a big patron of the wines. In his Castle on the Buda side were so many wines and people from aboard always took a rest in the Castle and enjoyed his wine selections. 

Gentlemen before going to bed were always welcomed to drink a glass of wine with ginger, clove or cinnamon and they believed that this was a good ritual to sleep well.

Fun fact about wine that some of them has a really good scent as the raisers used some cetacean bowel’s pleghm or a Central-Asian deer’s gland’s pleghm as a fragrance.

Hungary nowadays keeps count of 22 wine regions. Bacause of the changing climate, wine regions are really different from each others. Hungary’s climate is predominantly continental but in some places the Atlantic-ocean effect is perceptible while South-Hungary has some mediterranean traits.
Hungary is one of the few countries which has a whole scale of wines from the white, red and natural sweet wines. Hungary is mainly known as a white wine raiser, seeing the amount this is true. Hungary’s wines are 75% white ones but the country aimed reputation by its red wines. Szekszárdi, Egri and Villányi wines are the most favourite.

Lo and behold the 22 Hungarian wine regions:

Ászár-Neszmélyi wine reigon
Etyek-Budai wine region
Móri wine region
Pannonhalma-Sokoróaljai wine region
Soproni wine region

Etyek-Budai wine region:Vineyard of Budapest” termoir of the juicy and intense scent of whie wines. The proximity of the capital is decisive of the wine region’s development. Chardonnay, Olaszrizling, Sauvignon blanc are all from the noted Etyek-Budai wine region.

Lake-Balaton wine regions:
Badacsonyi wine region
Balatonboglári wine region
Balatonfelvidéki wine region
Balatonfüred-Csopaki wine region

Balatonboglári wine region: Primarily the white wine grapes are the mostly widespread but for the growing of red wines, the region is also excellent. From white wines the Sauvignon blanc, Olaszrizling, Sárga muskotály, Chardonnay while from the red ones the Balatonboglári Kékfrankos, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, which are outstanding. Curiosity, that recently, the champagne produced here has been considered the best in Hungary.

The wine regions of South-Pannonia:
Pécsi wine region
Szekszárdi wine region
Tolnai wine region
Villányi wine region

Villányi wine region: This wine region is Hungary’s first class red wine growing area. The reason lies in its combination of soil condition and the climate. Merlot, Kékfrankos, Zweigelt, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and Syrah can be familiar to us. These are the ones which were grew here. 

Danue wine region:
Csongrádi wine region
Hajós-Bajai wine region
Kunsági wine region

Kunsági wine region: Its size is the largest wine region in the country, its area is approximetly 26000 hectares. No matter the large area, this is our worst crop-safe region. Winter is the coldest while summer is the hottest here and the distribution of the precipitation is also whimsical. Rajani Rizling, Kékfrankos, Cserszegi Fűszeres become the region’s wines. 

Highland wine region: 
Bükki wine region
Egri wine region
Mátrai wine region
Tokaj-Hegyaljai wine region

Tokaj-Hegyaljai wine region: This is our most famous and deservedly our most reputed wine region. It covers an area of 5500 hectares. Tokaj is a white wine region, its grape varieties are permitted : Furmint, Sárgamuskotály, Hárslevelű. Dry wines are made from Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay which have high quality.

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