Labour Day

May 1 the Labour Day

Its history dates back to the British Industrial Revolution, when a factory owner, Robert Owen, formulated and published the demands of workers in 1817, including the reduction of 10 to 16 hours of working time to 8 hours, with a "Eight hours of work, Eight hours of recreation, Eight hours res", slogan.
Several minor protests and strikes were held to enforce the claim but the movement soon blown out as the absence of stature regulations, these workers were quickly dismissed and other factories were not willing to hire them. Although in 1847 the working hours of women and children were limited to 10 hours in Great Britain and in its colonies, up to 1856 .

On April 21, masons and construction workers from Melbourne University came to strike in Melbourne, Australia to the Australian Parliament, demanding the introduction of 8-hour working hours. Their action was successful, even their salary was not reduced despite shorter working hours, so for the first time in the world, an organized team of workers (later called trade union ) managed to achieve any success without retaliation. This success has also greatly inspired the idea of a work celebration.

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