Fasting in the Christian community is the forty days of preparation and repentance. Its essence is preparing for Jesus Christ’s resurrection feast. 

This preparation means immersion in faith, reconciliation, and resignation. During this period, the religious practice focuses on repentance, purification, sacrifice, and prayers which express a man’s love for God.

Fasting lasts for 40 days but the 6 Sundays during Lent are not considered as fasting days as every Sunday is the day of commemoration of Jesus Christ’s resurrection. Fasting period begins with Ash Wednesday according to the Christian Church since the 7th century.

The last week of Lent is the Holy Week beginning on Flower Sunday.
This total duration from Ash Wednesday to Holy Saturday is 46 days included the 6 Sundays.
Until the 11th century they fasted very strictly, they did not eat anything until late afternoon and on these fasting days they did not eat meat, egg or dairy at all.

 The Catholic Church relieves old strict rules by today which means only on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday you need to fasting strictly.