Shoes next to the Danube

Shoes on the river bank symbolise people who suffered death because of their ancestry. Come and know more about the Jewish history from our well-informed guides.

Have you noticed the shoes next to the river? Do you know why those shoes are there?

The Shoes on the Danube Coast is a Holocaust Memorial Site by Can Togay director, writer and the Kossuth Prize-winning sculptor Gyula Pauer.

The sixty pairs of cast-iron patterned shoes in the 1944-45 set a permanent memory for the innocent Hungarian Jews fired into the Danube. In general, mass executions forced the victims to be queued up along the Danube, and then shot them. The place of the monument is symbolic since almost every point of the Danube bank in Budapest has been fired by Jews, especially on the north side of Margaret Island.

No matter how terrible, people should face it and learn from this, not forget about it. If you stay in Budapest for a few days just come and light a candle.
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