St Stephen's Basilica Building

Saint Stephen’s Basilica

-Ego sum via, veritas at vita-

When you look inside the Basilica you will be amazed by the freshly renovated glass windows. Due to these huge windows, the sunshine breaks into the hall that gives a natural light. You can admire the wall murals and also the statues.


Basilica has 5 bells and all of them is consecrated. On Sunday at 9.30 in the morning, you can hear the Saint-Henry bell which let you know the mass has started. If you are here on the weekdays then you can arrive at 07.00, 08.00 and at 18.00 o’clock to visit the Holy mass.

Did you know that this building is the 3rd tallest building in Hungary ant the 2nd in Budapest? 
In Budapest, only the House of Parliament is bigger than the Basilica. It’s 96 meters high. On the top, there is the cupola and if you are brave enough you can take a round-up there to have a view about Budapest’ stunning building and of course the river Danube. There are 364 steps to reach the top but of course, you can take the elevator. If you have acrophobia (fear of heights) then you can and should go downstairs to the crypt to take a look.  A few of man of mark are here for an eternal peace.

Saint Stephen’s Basilica also takes place to introduce you to the classical music. When they start to play on the big organ you will have goose-flesh all over your body, just close your eyes and enjoy the sound.

After the Basilica tour, you can choose from many restaurants down on the Szent István's square and also try out the famous Gelarto Rose confectionery to have a flower-shaped delicious ice-cream.

But what's written on the forefront?

-I am the way, the truth and the life-

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