Entrance to Széchenyi Spa & Guided Palinka Experience

Entrance to Széchenyi Spa & Guided Palinka Experience
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Have a fully Hungarian experience by visiting two of the most famous Budapest attractions.

Relax at the worldwide known Széchenyi spa of Budapest combined with an interactive guided tour to learn about the history and culture of Hungary throught country’s famous spirit „Pálinka”.


- Full day entrance to Széchenyi Spa (with locker or cabin)

- Guided tour in the Palinka Museum

- Tasting of 1×2cl palinka OR choice of alcohol free beverage

Meeting points:
  • Széchenyi Spa
H - 1146, Budapest, Állatkerti krt. 9-11.

  • Palinka Museum
H-1061, Budapest, Király street 20.

Palinka Museum Opening Hours
Monday - 14:00-00:00
Tuesday - 14:00-00:00
Wednesday - 14:00-00:00
Thursday - 14:00-02:00
Friday - 14:00-02:00
Saturday - 14:00-02:00
Sunday - 14:00-00:00

Széchenyi Spa directions:
  • Check-in is between 09:00 and 18:00.
  • IMPORTANT - To redeem your vouchers (at cashier 3 or 4) please state your name and that you came with Hungaria Koncert ticket.
Please note that Széchenyi Spa is available every day of the week, and Palinka Museum is available on Tuesday,Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You can book both programs on the same days or separate dates as well.

During this program you will have the chance to blow off some steam at the pools of Széchenyi Spa (built in 1913.), which is Europe’s largest healing bath with its’ 15 indoor, and 3 grand outdoor pools. Pools are of varying temperatures, between 18 to 38 °C (64 to 100 °F), and complex covering 6220 square metres (67000 sq ft) also includes saunas and steam bath.

Afterwards visit a hidden gem in the city center to taste some hungarian Palinkas (spirits; non- alcoholic drinks are also available). Differently from whiskey or vodka, palinka is made exclusively from different sorts of fruits and has aromatic smell. Its' birth, tradition and history are inseparably connected to Hungary. That’s why the Pálinka Act of Parliament exists which regulates and protects production and quality of palinka.

Get familiarized with its’ history throughout a one of a kind interactive exhibition with the help of a guided tour and tasting one of the best palinka.

Important: The ticket is only for one-time entry! You cannot exit and reenter the bath!

Please note: opening hours will change during the following period:

Monday: 7-19
Tuesday: 8-20
Wednesday: 7-19
Thursday: 7-19
Friday: 8-20
Saturday: 9-20
Sunday: 9-20

The swimming pool in Széchenyi Spa is closed for maintenance between 18.04.2023 and 24.04.2023!Expected/planned reopening of the swimming pool 25.04.2023.
The other 17 pools are still available so we can welcome our dear guests!

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