Széchenyi Spa's massages

Having 15 pools indoors and 3 open-air bathing facilities the spa is considered the largest in the whole continent. 

Széchenyi Spa is one of the greatest prides of Budapest with its immense size, majestic appearance and huge popularity.
The bath’s real peculiarity is its largest outdoor thermal pool with a consistently 40°C water providing magnificent recreational pleasures in the coldest days of winter as well. Just imagine floating in a huge pool of healing water while snowflakes melt away on your body and piling up everywhere else around the pool.

Széchenyi Spa is feeding from the city’s extended thermal spring network running below our feet. This hidden treasure have been attracting various settlers and cultures throughout history starting with the Ancient Roman Empire who developed their own bathing culture in the location of today’s Budapest during the 1st to the 5th century. The spa scene in Hungary is a truly diverse system that builds from elements of various different styles and cultures creating an experience that’s just as indulging for the body as it is for the eyes.

Choose from a large variety of treatments and massages for the ultimate body and soul rejuvenating experience!

1. Delicate handed massage treatment. Aroma massage is a recreational treatment performed with calm, slow and delicate movements. It does not include strong motions, its’ primary objective is to loosen muscles.
Partial aroma massage which lasts for 20 minutes or choose the full body massage which is 45 minutes long. It is good for insomnia and helps you out physically and mentally.
Oil scents are choosable which can be a relaxing treatment made with mandarin-ylang-lemongrass scent combination oil or an anti-stress which reduces stress during treatment with the use of lavender-lemongrass-bergamot scent combination of oil.

2. Moderately strong massage treatment. Refreshing treatment characterized by features of a Swedish massage. Throughout the treatment the masseur is working with rather strong and dynamic motions. Due to professional application of smoothing, rubbing and mild kneading motions the effects are already notable during the massage, reduces tension in muscles as well as body pain.
Both 20 minutes partial body massage and 45 minutes full body massage is available to choose from. Choose this type of massage if you need relaxation or in case if you have non-inflammatory articular- and muscle pain. Vitalizing massage oils a combination of lemon-eucalyptus and mint or natural oil which is non scented for sensitive skin? Your choice. 

3. Moderately strong massage treatments performed in special environment with luxury ingredients. 
This type of massage offers you a 45 minutes long body massage which not includes the head and foot or a 60 minutes long full body massage which includes the head and foot massage also.
The Luxury Refreshing massage treatment is made with a special THERMAL MASSAGE CREAM with outstanding healing water and active substance content that had been developed in 2017 for the spas’ exclusive use.

4. Delicate handed massage treatments performed in a special environment with luxury ingredients. 
3 different scents are available which are lavender, orange or Indian lemongrass.
Massage types

  • 45’ Full body massage (head and foot massage is NOT included)
  • 60’ Full body massage (head and foot massage included as well)


5. Moderately strong massage treatment.
Luxury ingredients that also includes foot and face massage. 
A 60 ninutes long full body massage with head and foot massage as well. Just lay down and enjoy this treatment made with a special thermal massage cream that had been developed for the spas’ use. This exclusive massage cream is made of the famous healing water from Széchenyi Spa in Budapest, it has outstanding active substance content and pleasant scent.

Throughout the massage, we pay particular attention for face skin care, after delicate cleaning we are pampering the skin with high active substance containing hydrating cream, anti-wrinkle eye cream and face spray which are premium category cosmetics made of the Széchenyi Spa’s water as well.

Due to the Royal Thermal ritual’s complexity, it is considered to be the king of all massage services from the Budapest spas’.  A palatial pampering that multiplies the beneficial effects of healing water if applied after using the thermal spa.



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