Szentendre - Museum part 2

Not far from Budapest, along the Danube, lies Szentendre, one of the most charming settlements in Pest County.

If you like museums, you are in the right city. Szentendre offers you many-many museums in different theme.

1. Ámos Imre-Anna Margit Museum – Adress : 2000, Szentendre Bogdányi street 10th 
Representative of the expressive surrealist line of Hungarian painting of the 19th century. Opened in 1984. The couple of artists met Marc Chagall in Paris, whose surrealism had a decisive influence on their artistic view.

2. Tibor Boromisza Memorial House – Adress : 2000, Szentendre Danube Prince 4th 
Tibor Boromisza was the first to capture the cityscape of today and his inhabitants, his friends, and often the peasants on land, as dozens of watercolors and oil paintings. The memorial room shows important documents of the artist's life.

3. Czóbel Museum – Adress : 2000, Templom square 1st 
Béla Czóbel's portraits, landscapes, still life and interiors are characterized by a unique, radiant color. His art belongs to the lyrical line of post-impressionism. In the old periodic exhibition hall of the Czóbel Museum, there is also a permanent exhibition organized by the widow of István Varga, painter Ilosvai to the Ferenczy Museum.

4. János Kmetty Me orial Museum – Collection of Kerényi – Adress : 2000, Szentendre Fő square 21st 
In the museum, János Kmetty's entire career can be seen: constructive cityscape, still-life, self-portraits, early plein air-style works, followed by Hungarian activism styles, and late cubist compositions in blue or brown.

5. MANK Gallery – Szentendre Old Art Colony – Adress : 2000, Szentendre Bogdányi street 51st 
After the Trianon decision, the artist colony was established in 1926 following the traditions of the Nagybánya school of painting. In the representative MANK Gallery, which was rebuilt a few years ago, local and national artists and artist groups regularly present periodic exhibitions.

source : irá 

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