Szentendre Museums part 1

Not far from Budapest, along the Danube, lies Szentendre, one of the most charming settlements in Pest County.

If you like museums, you are in the right city. Szentendre offers you many-many museums in different theme.

1. Barcsay collection - Adress : 2000 Szentendre, Dumtsa Jenő street 10th 
Jenő Barcsay's art in Szentendre can be found. In addition to smaller-size, more intimate color compositions, monumental mosaic and tapestry patterns as well as delicate, fine-art studies can be seen.

2. Ferenczy Museum - Adress : 2000 Szentendre, Kossuth Lajos street 5th 
In 1974, a permanent exhibition of the Ferenczy family was exhibited, featuring paintings by Károly Ferenczy and his wife, Olga Fialka, and their children, painter Valér Ferenczy, sculptor Béni Ferenczy and Noémi Ferenczy, the master of woven tapestry.

3. Kovács Margit Ceramic Exhibition - Adress : 2000 Szentendre, Vastagh György street 1st 
The museum presents more than 300 works by the works of the ceramic artist, Margit Kovács. Most of the objects are figural compositions that reflect the artist's intimate affection and belief in human values. After the death of Margit Kovács, in 1977, the entire art heritage was also placed in the museum, where nearly 400 works can be seen today.

4. Art Mill - Adress : 2000 Szentendre, Bogdányi street 32nd
 Built in the 19th century, the mill was opened in 1999 as one of the most interesting and unique exhibitions in Hungary. This is currently the third largest exhibition space in the country.
There are theater performances, screenings, concerts etc...

5. Local History Exhibiton - Adress : 2000, Szentendre Main Square 2-5 
Exhibition of the Past in the Deep - Mosaics from the History of Szentendre is a time travel in the rich past of the city, using archival sources, documents, archaeological finds, pictures, usage and ornaments, beautifully designed interiors.

source : irá

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