Szentendre - Szamos Museum and Confectionery

Not far from Budapest, along the Danube, lies Szentendre, one of the most charming settlements in Pest County. 

In the middle of the square, a huge column with a cross on the top can be found. The cobblestone area is surrounded by cafés, restaurants and shops. The athmosphere is like in a far village. The air is so refreshing here you forget all the problems you have. There are also many pedestrian streets from the square, with lots of souvenir shops, hidden cafes, traditional shops selling folk clothing, cheaper and more expensive restaurants…

 It is worth to take a long walk among these streets and you will be amazed by the cozy athmosphere and by the people living here. Walking down the streets can also lead to places that are really magical. For example the view of the Danube or the sunset at night time.

Szamos museum is one of the most famous one which can be found here in Szentendre. In this confectionery on the ground floor there is a shop where you can buy Szamos specialities, sweets and even some chocolates and souvenirs for your family and friends. If you choose something really special or extra they will be forever grateful.

 In the museum you can visit real life-like statutes made from sweets. For example famous people like, writers, fairy-tale characters from classis cartoons and other masterpieces made from marzipan like the Parliament. 

Szentendre often offers you programs and festival which can be enjoyed by children and adults also. This town is perfect for families to take a walk, visit some church inside and outside, eat Hungarian meals and admire the sunset close to the river Danube.

If you are here in Szentendre, this museum is a must see!Thanks to its dazzling sights and cultural life, we can say that everyone should see Szentendre.