Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving is a time in people’s lives when they put everything aside and and spend a few days with greatfulness and celebration.  These days are characterized by several traditional Thanksgiving activities. 

We have to go back nearly 400 years in time, by 1620 to understand its' origin.
It was the year when more than a hundred people who questioned the principles of the Anglican Church’s faith sailed across the Atlantic to settle in the New York.

These emigrants who found future in the New World, today called Massachusetts, found the life too difficult as they arrived too late to grow enough plants for their survival. Unfortunately half of the colony became ill and died. Only the next year’s spring did they learn how to plant and grow corn and other plants in foreign soil. Indians taught them how to fish and hunt.

Time passed and in the fall of 1621 they were abundant in corn, beans and pumpkins. This was the reason for being thankful and they invited the Native Americans with their leaders. Those who were invited, brought with themselves deers, turkeys and other wild animals to roast and consumed these meals together.

This feast was kept for years and only after the announcement of the United States' Independence, the Congress proposed a day for the entire nation to celebrate Thanksgiving every year.
George Washington suggested 26th of November, but after the bloody civil war ended, Abraham Lincoln asked the Americans to set aside everything and celebrate Thanksgiving on the last Thursday of November.

Some curiosities
In the USA they celebrate Thanksgiving Day on the 4th Thursday in November
In Canada they celebrate it on the 2nd Monday in October
Mayflower was the name of the boat which the emigrants used to sail to Massachusetts
The first Thanksgiving celebration lasted for 3 days
The first National Thanksgiving was announced by George Washington in 1789

Thanksgiving traditions
Many families follow this tradition and on the morning of Thanksgiving Day they pray together. In most families the same member say it out loud every year but some families believe that each year another member should say the prayer. While others say it together.

Most families celebrate Thanksgiving Day with dinner that contains mashed potatoes, olives, blueberries, turkey and other delicious meals. In most places, silver tableware, tablecloths and served meals are essential part of Thanksgiving dinner.

In Hungary do not have this tradition to celebrate Thanksgiving day,