The Dohány Street Synagogue

The Great Synagogue in the Jewish quarter will overawe you the moment you enter as the spectacular interior is amazing. If the building could talk, it would tell you the story about the Jewish history itself. Wheel it inside and outside!

Monday-Thursday 10am-5pm
Friday 10am-3pm
Sunday 10am-2pm

The Synagogue is located at an angle to Károly körút, close to Deák Square and Astoria.

The richly decorated interior with a central nave and open seating galleries at the sides is much like that of a Lutheran church. Förster located the bimah (raised platform from which the Torah is read) at the far end near the ark, where the Torah scrolls are kept.

Organ music was also important to the services. Nowadays the Synagogue is only filled with worshippers, but sometimes the temple turns into an important concert place.

You can find the Jewish Museum to the left of the entrance.
Which is open:
Monday-Thursday 10am-3pm
Friday and Sunday 10am-2pm
The museum houses the Jewish ritual objects and there is a harrowing exhibition on the Holocaust in Hungary.

Behind the Synagogue the area became a Jewish ghetto in 1944.
In the courtyard behind the main building, there is a domed Heroes' Temple, which is also a place for worship, but first, it was built to commemorate Jews who died in the First World War.

Raul Wallenberg was a Swedish diplomat who saved many lives of the Jews, so as an honour, a park was built and named after him. In the middle of the Raul Wallenberg Park, you will see a moving memorial that takes the form of a metal weeping willow tree planted on the site of the mass graves of victims of the Holocaust. On each leaf, there is a victim's name as commemoration.

Nowadays families can add a leaf in remembrance.

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