Törley Sparkling Wine

„With great diligence and preservance, I have been able to produce much better than sparkling wines known to date”  – wrote down József Törley this phrase in 1882, when he decided to make use of his knowledge from Reims, France in Hungary. 

József Törley found vineyards in the vicinity of Etyek with the soil and climate which is similar to France, where wines were well suited to the production of sparkling wine.

József Törley was excellent not only as a businessman but also as a professional expert. He continuously developed his factory and the technology of the sparkling wine production.
One of his most significant innovations is: In Hungary, he was the first to introduce degassing. By the turn of the century it had become the most modern sparkling wine factory.

At the Millenium Exhibition, Törley had already been awarded the title of ”Imperial and Royal Court Suppliers”, and their sparkling wine was one of the prides of the domestic industry. By the turn of the century, Törley was called the ”Hungarian Sparkling wine” that was as popular as the Pest Operetta. The name was synonymus with the intoxicating drink that was on offer in hotels, cafes, taverns, restaurants, and bars.

In 1907, Törley celebrated its quarter-century anniversary of the factory. By this time Törley Sparkling wine were known from America to Australia. The factory had depots in Hamburg, Berlin, and Copenhagen.

The production in the factory had already reached 2 million bottles in the 1910s. A section of its history was completed in 1944 when the factory’s main building was hit by a bomb. After the war, the nationalization of the 1950s, the plant vegetated in a dead state and employed only four people. Today, Törley maintains a leading position in the Hungarian sparkling wine market with 10-12 million bottles a year. Sparkling wine has been a tradition and quality brand for over one hundred and thirty years and is still popular both in Hungary and worldwide.