Tourist spots in Gödöllő

In autumn what can be better than a good walkaround? Hearing the leaves crackle under your boots, feel the pinching but yet pleasant air on your skin, watching the birds jiggling around you ...

Gödöllő is a city which is stunning by itself but when you go on a trip close to Gödöllő thats another kind of world embraces you.

Here in Máriabesenyő there is a special peace that waits for people who walk around here. There is something in it which is so comforting you do not want to leave this place. Here you can find a small basilica with its peace. Máriabesenyő is a pilgrim and a pilgrimage place which is one of the most visited Maria-shrine in Hungary. Next to the church a monastery is located, from where the scenery is stunning.
From Máriabesenyő we can engage on hiking trails.

Domonyvölgy is right after Máriabesenyő which is famous for its equestrian parks. Not only horses are your only escapism but hunting lodges and quads are waiting for those who would like to spend their time in the nature. On summer days the old fishing area was rebuilt as a beach where you can enjoy the sunshine in the pleasant warm lake. Beach is called D-Beach which is built up with palm trees and quicksands which gives you the feeling you are on the coastlinge.

Babatpuszta lays 25 minutes away from Gödöllő with car where the onetime royal equestrian park was. The Baroque styled ruined but yet a spectacular Castle Stable is still standing here in Babatpuszta. This area is rich in ecological treasures and here can be found one of Gödöllő’s University’s sector and its hunting lodge functions as a leisure centre.
If you walk around Babatpuszta and watch the trees becoming bald then it will be an ineffaceable memory.

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