Transportation in Budapest

I bet you already have noticed how colourful our transportation vehicles.
Each colour has its system and the vehicles are colour coded. 

Blue buses are on the road since 1915 exactly from 1st of March. In this year, in 1915 the bus company wanted the buses to be red but the administration of the capital did not allowed by a political reason. The reason was quite logical, as the red was a Communist colour and when in 1928 a great number of transportation buses were introduced in the system they still not wanted the colour of red because of the pain people would remember for the communism. The buses of Budapest are a distinctive blue.

First trolley bus started on 21st of December in 1949 in Budapest while Hungary was ruled by a Communist government that time. The first trolley bus has the number 70 as it was put into service on Stalin’s, the Great Communist leader’s, 70th birthday. We do not exactly know if it was a coincide or not, but the trolley buses came out as red. Maybe there were no other optional colour they could use as the buses were blue, trams were yellow and local trains were green at that time.

Local trains are green but this is the only thing that we can be sure of as there are no information why the trains are green coloured. Someones say that the train leave the urban area and run into the greenbelts, which could be quite rationale. The first local train lines were introduced in 1887 on 7th of August between Közvágóhíd and Soroksár, but soon it was extended to Dunaharaszti in the same year. Nowadays there are more local trains for those who lives outside the city and I have to admit that this kind of vehicle is comfortable, easy to use and fast to reach market.

The first tram line was inaugurated in 1911 from Nyugati Train Station to Király street. It was yellow and since then the trams did not changed in colour. This vehicle is the best in town as it can stops easily, it has its own line, less pollution, less noise and quite long lines can help you to reach your port of destination. The old trams were brown coloured and only those people can remember that who lived before the World War II. Sometimes there are nostalgic days in Budapest when you can see those brown trams and other older vehicles. Before the electric trams there were horses that pulled the carriages through Budapest. 

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