Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is on 14th of February

But who was Valentine?

The February flower gifting is associated with the name of Saint Balint says Valentine who was a III. century bishop. Valentine was a faithful Catholic bishop who stood up for the rights of people.
The ruler Claudius II. was of the opinion that single men become better soldiers than those who are married or already have a family. Claudius II. forbade men to marry. However Valentine thought this decision was detrimental to young men, so he secretly conspired with lovers, even soldiers. He gave flowers for the newlyweds from his own garden.

When Claudius II. realized the treachery he imprisoned Valentine. The priest became friends with the guards and with his power of the faith and prays he returned the sight of the prison guard’s blind daughter. Before his execution, he sent a letter to the girl which he signed, ”Your Valentine”.

This legend survived for centuries and XIV. century, Valentine became the patron saint of brides and grooms in England and France.
In England, people have been celebrating Valentine’s Day since 1446. In the 1700s the volumes of Valentine’s poem became fashionable, and by the 19th century, greeting cards had already been sent to one another. Since then it has become a celebration in almost every country in the world.

Today, thousands of young people arrive at the tomb of San Valentino in the Basilica of Terni, Italy, to be engaged here.
In Japan and South-Korea, on Valentine’s Day, only women give gifts to their sweetheart.

Valentine’s Day in Hungary
In 1990 the Professional Association of Hungarian Florist introduced the Valentine’s Day in Hungary. Its clear purpose was to promote flower culture and to beautify the days of springtime.
In the early years, Valentine’s Day ball and flower show was held, and in Váci street, young people dressed in medieval costumes and distributed 4000 primulas from an echo wagon to passersby.

Nowadays not only flowers are popular but smaller or bigger gifts are also playing an important role in gifting.


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