Vegan - Vegetarian Restaurants part 2

You do not eat anything thats made from animal ? You do not have to! Here some places where you can eat abandon! 

1. Vega City
The main feature of their offer is that their food does not contain any animal ingredients, whether it is hamburger, main dishes or desserts. 
They offer you weekly new hot dishes, to have a chance to eat varieously. 100% vegan meals and friendly prices also.

Adress - Budapest 1053, Múzeum avenue 23-25

2. Szabad Bistro
This is Budapest's first vegan bar.
Paninis, bagels, sandwiches, salads, main dishes and side dishes. All this in one place. Do not forget about the beers, cocktails that also vegan and some gluten free.

Adress - Budapest 1077, Kiráy street 101

3. Vegazzi
Pizza in any quantity!
Vegetarian and vegan pizzas where there are constant 6 pizzas on the menu plus 1 which is always something new in every month.

Adress - Budapest 1061, Paulay Ede street 33 (Anker't)

4. Las Vegan's
Karaván is next to the famous Szimpla Garden. This is the heaven of street foods.
Las Vegan's provides vegan hamburgers. Karaván offers you many options among vegan and vegetarian street foods. If you would like to eat vegan-vegetarian street food, then this is the place you should type in the GPS.

Adress - Budapest 1075, Kazinczy street 18  (Karaván)

5. Tökmag Vegan Street Food Bar
Various foods like hamburgers, bagels, sandwiches, lunchboxes or soups. Mainly for vegans but not only for them. They speciality is that they indicate the calories and nutrition values  on the menu so it can be helpful for those who follow some diet.

Adress - Budapest 1136, Hollán Ernő street 6

6. 827 Speciality Kitchen
Hungarian and international vegan foods in one place. This is the place where you can choose freely from the table and do not have to worry about the origin of the foods. Everything is healty and vegan. Open buffe menu is offered.

Adress - Budapest 1053, Kálvin square 4